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Thoughts on the Future of Work

Meet the Author:
Diana Watts

Diana Watts has too many plants and uses too many em dashes. As a writer for, she stands on a virtual soapbox to spread the word of the Work from Anywhere revolution and encourages companies to work smarter, not harder. This content is for good people doing good work in board rooms, on job sites and at kitchen tables.

Articles by Diana Watts

  • icebreaker template

    The Free Icebreaker Template [for Remote Team Strength]

    Most traditional workplace icebreakers are awkward and, honestly, a little useless. The standard fluffy icebreaker questions like, "Do you have any siblings," will not help you understand how to work with someone. Ditto for icebreaker games like icebreaker bingo or scavenger hunts.

  • best blogs of 2021

    2021 Wrap-Up [Top 5 Greatest Hits of the Work From Anywhere Blog]

    Which Work From Anywhere™ blogs were most read in 2021? Find out what other readers loved this year and how it helped their companies thrive. These were the top 5 blogs of the year.

  • how can employers increase worker productivity

    How Can Employers Increase Worker Productivity? [10 Tips]

    Effective leaders are always eager to understand how to increase employee productivity at work, especially in a world where remote work is now the norm. Following these ten tips to increase productivity at work will help foster accountability and elevate your team's commitment to high productivity, regardless of where your employees are located.

  • best tools for remote working

    Best Tools for Remote Working [These 7 Can Help You Trust Your Team]

    If you’re not sure you can trust your teams who Work From Anywhere™, you need to get transparency into what they’re doing and clarify accountability so you can trust them wholeheartedly. With the help of Ninety, one of the best tools for remote working, people can use collaborative tools for working remotely to build trust, communicate effectively and work together harmoniously.

  • how to communicate with remote employees

    How to Communicate with Remote Employees [And the Best Tools to Use]

    Millions of people shifted to a Work From Anywhere™ model as a result of the pandemic. Now, it’s become the norm. But leaders still struggle with how to communicate with remote employees. Below, we’ll give you some ideas to improve communication with remote employees and recommend the best communication tools for remote and hybrid teams.