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Ninety’s software platform lets you automate and document EOS Level 10 Meetings for effective time management and better collaboration. 

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Over 9,000 businesses use Ninety.
The average revenue for those companies grew 18% in 2022.

Ninety is a platform that helps teams build great companies, and it’s designed to help your company implement and leverage the Entrepreneurial Operating System® faster, easier, and more effectively. Here are some of the many companies using Ninety’s cloud-based platform to work smarter and more effectively, together.

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Meet with purpose, leave with clarity

Discuss and solve issues with greater efficiency and clarity than ever before. Proven L10 meeting agendas and templates powered by Ninety keep you on track and on time as you tackle your team’s most critical items.

A man working on his laptop at a wooden table. Superimposed are screenshots from Ninety's Meeting Tool.

The controls above the agenda allow you to do the following:

View the total duration of the current meeting.

View the time spent on the current section.

Pause or Resume the meeting’s timer, or go  back to or skip ahead to the next section.

Suspend the meeting and exit the tool, allowing for anyone on the team to relaunch and resume.

A woman working on her laptop using Ninety's meeting tool.

The meeting's agenda is interactive, allowing you to click on a section to jump to it.

The line to the left of a title indicates the current section.

Each section has a suggested duration on the right. When you finish that section and navigate away, the actual time spent is displayed in parenthesis.

Employees sitting outside their office building. Superimposed is the meetings tool featuring the Finish button.

The Finish button allows you to immediately end the meeting.

A man wearing earbuds using his laptop. Superimposed is a screenshot of the Ninety app featuring the View Tool buttton.

The View Tool button allows allows you to open any of Ninety’s tools in the Meetings window without needing to navigate out of the meeting. Tool views are fully interactive.

A woman using her laptop photographed from above. Superimposed is a screenshot of the Meetings notes tool.

The Meeting Notes text box allows you to take notes during the meeting.

This window persists through sections and is saved as part of the meeting report provided at the end of each meeting.

L10 Meetings

Increase accountability and collaboration

The Level 10 Meeting agenda is a proven meeting tool built to promote the level of accountability and collaboration found in dynamic, thriving teams. 


Enjoy these great features across all of our tools.

Issue Prioritization

Rank Issues from 1 to 5 — cover the most urgent Issues first.

Fully Customizable

Edit your meeting agendas, tool names, layouts, and more.

Make It An Issue

Right-click to instantly create To-Dos or discussion topics.

Cascade Messages

Collaborate by sending items like To-Dos across teams.


Access Ninety from your desktop or phone browser.

Comment on Items

Add your notes for quick and easy collaboration.

Export Content

Print to PDF from any page, and export data to Excel.

Recaps & Notifications

Get meeting recaps & alerts on upcoming or overdue items.

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