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Thoughts on the Future of Work
Resources for people who work remotely


  • employee performance goals

    A Blueprint For Employee Performance Goals [15 Examples]

    15 Employee Performance Goal Examples for Employers

    This article maps out an in-depth framework with examples to help companies define and set meaningful employee performance goals. Setting better performance goals will help everyone thrive.

  • lack of accountability in hybrid workplaces

    Lack of Accountability in Remote and Hybrid Workplaces [How to Fix It]

    Seeing signs of a lack of accountability in your workplace? Whether you're running in-person, hybrid, or remote teams, everyone's vulnerable. Here's how to define lack of accountability, what causes it, and how the Roles and Responsibilities Chart in Ninety can help you improve accountability within and across teams.

  • icebreaker template

    The Free Icebreaker Template [for Remote Team Strength]

    Most traditional workplace icebreakers are awkward and, honestly, a little useless. The standard fluffy icebreaker questions like, "Do you have any siblings," will not help you understand how to work with someone. Ditto for icebreaker games like icebreaker bingo or scavenger hunts.

  • communication in the workplace

    Why Communication in the Workplace Is Critical for Success

    Why is communication important in the workplace? How can you communicate better? Below are the seven most important questions you need to ask when determining how communication affects your company's ability to succeed. (Bonus: 5 actionable steps that can immediately improve your workplace communication.)

  • improve communication in the workplace

    16 Ways to Improve Communication in the Workplace

    For nearly 95% of recently surveyed company leaders, effective communication is the single biggest influencer of employee commitment at work. But only 22% think their companies are getting effective communication done. So how do you do it? Here's a clue: how to improve communication in the workplace starts with you.

  • increase employee productivity

    Leaders: 15 Actionable Tips & Examples to Increase Staff Productivity

    This is Ninety's guide on how to improve employee productivity in the workplace. We'll walk you through five steps and break them down into 15 easy, actionable tips that will transform your team. 

  • how to build relationships working remotely

    How to Build Relationships Working Remotely [10 Tips to Create Trust]

    More people are working remotely than ever before. But they may not know how to build relationships working remotely with their leaders and colleagues. It's totally possible to understand what remote working relationships look like and enjoy strong professional bonds – it just takes some time and effort. We'll show you how.

  • how can employers increase worker productivity

    How Can Employers Increase Worker Productivity? [10 Tips]

    Effective leaders are always eager to understand how to increase employee productivity at work, especially in a world where remote work is now the norm. Following these ten tips to increase productivity at work will help foster accountability and elevate your team's commitment to high productivity, regardless of where your employees are located.

  • how to communicate with remote employees

    How to Communicate with Remote Employees [And the Best Tools to Use]

    Millions of people shifted to a remote work model as a result of the pandemic. Now, it's become the norm. But leaders still struggle with how to communicate with remote employees. Below, we'll give you some ideas to improve communication with remote employees and recommend the best communication tools for remote and hybrid teams.

  • gen y and gen z remote workplace

    What Gen Y and Gen Z Expect From a Remote Workplace

    When it comes to recruiting, onboarding, seating, and coaching teams, we want to understand the role that generational experience plays in a person's expectations in a remote workplace and how they view what they do, their colleagues, and the future. In this article, we take an in-depth look at the expectations of millennials and Generation Z and the technologies that enable effective remote work.

  • remote work from home moms

    3 Ways Companies Can Support Remote Work-from-Home Moms

    The COVID pandemic is having a unique impact on women, especially remote work-from-home moms. As changes in the workplace continue to have a major impact on their home lives, these tips for moms working from home can help them thrive in a remote workplace. Harnessing the power of technology like Ninety can help create life balance and help make work easier, too.

  • managing global teams

    3 Tips to Managing International and Global Teams

    With shifts in how and where we work, it can be challenging for teams working across miles and time zones. Here are six tips to make it easy to stay connected.

  • build a tighter team

    Tips to Building a Tighter Team When Working Remotely

    As company leaders strive to find the right workplace balance (working from home, in the office, and places in between) in this post-pandemic environment, this article highlights specific actions to support tighter teams and better relationships between team members – no matter where Work gets done.

  • why appreciation is important in the workplace

    Proven Ways Showing Employee Appreciation Benefits Remote Teams

    People don't just like to feel appreciated; they need to feel appreciated! This article provides six concrete tips for leaders to ensure their team members know they are appreciated, no matter where they work.

  • work from anywhere

    Introducing a New Era: Work From Anywhere

    As we move toward "the light at the end of the tunnel" called COVID-19, reflecting on what we've already learned and what we still don't have the answers to feels appropriate. Disasters are always teaching events. Some lessons come fast, some slowly, and other lessons appear after a significant passage of time (i.e., in hindsight).

  • setting work boundaries

    Setting Work Boundaries in a Work From Anywhere World

    When you work in a physical office, it creates a clear boundary between work and home. That boundary has blurred since the internet began to make it possible to access work resources from anywhere. It's still easier to separate the world of work from your personal and family life when you have to travel back and forth from the office.