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Thoughts on the Future of Work
Resources for people who work remotely


  • annual planning meetings

    7 Questions about Annual Planning Meetings: Answered

    Kris Snyder is the founder of the growth advisory firm Impact Architects and has helped entrepreneurs for more than 25 years. Here, he answers your questions about annual planning meetings.

  • how to create an annual plan

    How to Create an Annual Plan in 5 Steps

    Kris Snyder is the founder of the growth advisory firm Impact Architects and has helped entrepreneurs for more than 25 years. Here, he guides you through the five steps of how to create an annual plan and how to run an annual planning meeting

  • hybrid work schedule

    Building a Hybrid Work Schedule? [What Companies Need to Know]

    Right now, a growing number of companies are choosing to build return-to-work plans around a hybrid work schedule. According to a recent Deloitte report, 77% of leaders surveyed say they plan to reimagine a traditional in-office workday structure into a mixture of in-office and remote work that enables greater employee flexibility and prioritizes creativity, collaboration, and well-being.

  • wfa employees stay productive

    How to Help WFA Employees Stay Productive

    As teams get more mobile, collaborative, dynamic and multi-generational working from anywhere, remote employee productivity and accountability are staying top of mind for leaders. They're focusing on improving remote work policies and capabilities to serve everyone.

    What's more, cloud-based technologies like Ninety® are continuing to improve, allowing us to better connect with others, establish clear accountability and use efficient ways of measuring performance regardless of location.

  • increasing team efficiency

    6 Ways to Improve Team Efficiency [and Effectiveness]

    Productivity experts often credit healthy worker engagement as a critical factor in improving team efficiency. Yet, it’s harder to inspire full-on efficiency if 85% of your team members are either not engaged or actively disengaged at work, as Gallup’s recent State of the Local Workplace report indicates. Inspiring efficiency requires fresh thinking around how to engage your team so your organization can outperform the competition by 200% or more. The key is to consider effectiveness versus efficiency.

  • 23 Trends on Virtual Work for Leaders

    Out of necessity comes re-invention. While many point to the pandemic as the catalyst for our Work From Anywhere World,  this current state of workplace fluidity was an eventuality. In fact, it is the culmination of a number of shifts already in play, delivering us into a new era, a new age. This article highlights those trends, offering leaders a fresh perspective to support what they decide to do next.

  • positive company culture

    Maintaining a Positive Company Culture in a Post-COVID World

    While having a positive company culture has always been a worthy goal, maintaining that positive vibe across a less proximate Work From Anywhere™ remote-work landscape can be more of a challenge. This article highlights the advantages of building positive company culture, with shared Core Values as foundational.

  • motivate remote teams

    4 Way Leaders Can Inspire and Motivate Remote Teams to Hit Big Goals

    Remote work increased dramatically during the global pandemic. Today, companies must adapt to the new Work From Anywhere (WFA) model while keeping their teams cohesive and productive day after day. This article includes seven creative ways to inspire your people from a distance.

  • convert your team to work from anywhere

    5 Tips to Convert Your Team to Work From Anywhere Today

    This article provides actionable advice, considerations and discussion points for employees, teams and organizations as we transition into a Work From Anywhere World™. For those exploring the idea of working from anywhere for their teams be it in-office, fully remote or a hybrid approach — this one is for you!

  • work from anywhere

    Introducing a New Era: Work From Anywhere

    As we move toward "the light at the end of the tunnel" called COVID-19, reflecting on what we've already learned and what we still don't have the answers to feels appropriate. Disasters are always teaching events. Some lessons come fast, some slowly, and other lessons appear after a significant passage of time (i.e., in hindsight).

  • remote company culture

    Maintaining Company Culture with a Remote Workforce

    As companies reimagine where and how work will get done in our emerging COVID-19 economy, more leaders are seriously considering a permanent hybrid workplace that offers more flexibility for both employers and employees.