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Thoughts on the Future of Work

Meet the Author:
Team Ninety is software to help teams build great companies, powering thousands of small to mid-sized companies, and tens of thousands of their employees, with the software and tools they need to elevate productivity, humanity and resiliency -- and to help their organizations and people flourish.

Articles by Team Ninety

  • zoom gloom

    How to Reduce Zoom Gloom [Actually Benefit from Meetings]

    Why Running Better Meetings Helps Banish Zoom Fatigue

    This is a how-to guide to overcome Zoom gloom with five steps to help leaders run better meetings that mitigate Zoom fatigue.

  • quarterly meetings

    Quarterly Meetings: A Manager's Guide to Planning & Executing

    This is a definitive guide to help leaders plan and execute quarterly meetings.

  • time chunking

    How Time Chunking Can Help You Get More Done [Work and Life]

    Today's digital workplaces are full of new distractions, time-sucking interruptions, and fragmented work schedules. You need a new mindset for dealing with them — and getting more done in the process. That's where time chunking and Ninety's To-Do tool can help.

  • strategic planning

    Strategic Planning for Business: Actionable Steps & Examples

    This is a comprehensive guide on strategic planning for small to midsize companies.

  • how to lead remote teams

    20 Tips on How to Manage and Lead Remote Teams Effectively

    Flexjobs reports that remote teams grew by 44% in the last five years and 91% in the past ten years. But making the move to permanent remote work is a massive shift for many companies. It requires fresh thinking about how to lead and manage remote teams effectively.

  • long term remote work strategy

    5 Pillars for Creating a Tech-Savvy Remote Work Strategy

    Actionable Tips for an Effective Long-Term Remote Work Strategy and the Tools To Make It Happen

    Harvard Business Review finds that 40% of leaders surveyed feel less than confident about having the skills they need to lead remote teams effectively.

  • employee performance goals

    A Blueprint For Employee Performance Goals [15 Examples]

    15 Employee Performance Goal Examples for Employers

    This article maps out an in-depth framework with examples to help companies define and set meaningful employee performance goals. Setting better performance goals will help everyone thrive.

  • business growth

    What is Business Growth? [A Guide for Small & Midsized Companies]

    What is business growth? If you're a small or medium-sized company, the first step is understanding the definition of business growth. Then it's learning how to better achieve and maintain the growth you want. 

  • lack of accountability in hybrid workplaces

    Lack of Accountability in Remote and Hybrid Workplaces [How to Fix It]

    Seeing signs of a lack of accountability in your workplace? Whether you're running in-person, hybrid, or remote teams, everyone's vulnerable. Here's how to define lack of accountability, what causes it, and how the Roles and Responsibilities Chart in Ninety can help you improve accountability within and across teams.

  • one on one meeting

    One-on-One Meeting Guide for Small Businesses [Remote]

    What is a one-on-one meeting, how do you run one, and why is it important for growth and trust? Here’s everything you need to know about one-on-one meetings – including how Ninety's One-on-One Meeting tool makes it easy to run one-on-ones, even remotely.

  • business operating system

    How to Build a Business Operating System for Your Company

    People often wonder whether their small business or startup really needs a business operating system. Short answer? All companies need one! We'll show you how to build a business operating system that works and why it transforms organizations.

  • defining roles and responsibilities

    Defining Roles and Responsibilities Drives Team Productivity

    You can dramatically improve team productivity just by defining roles and responsibilities in your organization. This definitive step-by-step guide teaches you how to define roles and responsibilities in a team, why it’s so important, and how to create a defining roles and responsibilities template that will keep everyone on track.

  • how to run a business

    How to Run a Business [27 Ways to Succeed as an Entrepreneur]

    Everyone wants to know how to run a business and succeed. Whatever radical success means to you, this comprehensive guide gives you proven tips for how to run a small business that is designed especially for entrepreneurs (like a lot of Ninety's users).

  • communication in the workplace

    Why Communication in the Workplace Is Critical for Success

    Why is communication important in the workplace? How can you communicate better? Below are the seven most important questions you need to ask when determining how communication affects your company's ability to succeed. (Bonus: 5 actionable steps that can immediately improve your workplace communication.)

  • how to run an effective meeting

    How to Run an Effective Meeting and Get Work Done [10 Tips]

    "I just love sitting through dull meetings that waste my time," said nobody ever. We'll show you how to run an effective meeting — because you and your team want to work smarter and save time.

  • what is a business strategy

    What is a Business Strategy? [5 Steps for Creating a Strong Strategy]

    What is a business strategy and how do you create one? In this guide, you’ll find real-world tactics and business strategy examples to help you get growing.