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Thoughts on the Future of Work

Meet the Author:
Peter Zaballos

Introducing Ninety's CMO, a strategic marketing executive who thrives on creative ideas and strategic execution. Peter anticipates what is around the corner, and is completely comfortable with the ambiguity, uncertainty, and controlled chaos that is building disruptive technology businesses.

Articles by Peter Zaballos

  • gen y and gen z remote workplace

    What Gen Y and Gen Z Expect From a Remote Workplace

    When it comes to recruiting, onboarding, seating, and coaching teams, we want to understand the role that generational experience plays in a person's expectations in a remote workplace and how they view what they do, their colleagues, and the future. In this article, we take an in-depth look at the expectations of millennials and Generation Z and the technologies that enable effective remote work.

  • wfa employees stay productive

    How to Help Remote Employees Stay Productive

    As teams get more mobile, collaborative, dynamic, and multi-generational, remote employee productivity and accountability are staying top of mind for leaders. They're focusing on improving remote work policies and capabilities to serve everyone.

    What's more, cloud-based technologies like Ninety continue to improve, allowing us to better connect with others, establish clear accountability and use efficient ways of measuring performance regardless of location.

  • managing global teams

    3 Tips to Managing International and Global Teams

    With shifts in how and where we work, it can be challenging for teams working across miles and time zones. Here are six tips to make it easy to stay connected.