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Just Released! “9 Tips to Successfully Work From Anywhere.”

Yes, we’re enjoying a new era where technology, connectivity and culture can support a company structure that allows increasing numbers of individuals to Work From Anywhere™. Yet as age-old policies and expectations shift to keep up with the post-pandemic landscape, new challenges (and opportunities!) have sprung up to replace them.
For example:

  • How do you balance home and work when your workspace is the kitchen table?
  • How do you build trust within your team if you’re not sitting across the table from each other?
  • How do you stay accountable, with confidence that others are doing what they agreed to do?

We could go on. Bottom line is that it can be tough to keep your s**t together, especially as the always-present in-office connections evolve into something different.

With that, Ninety.io has put together a special guide, “9 Tips to Successfully Work From Anywhere.” It’s packed with ideas and suggestions to help people thrive in a Work From Anywhere World™. Get your copy here.

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