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Whether you’re new to Ninety or want to learn more about best practices for building a great company, we can help. These are the concepts, tools, and disciplines we teach and use here at Ninety … and this library will continue to grow over time.

Read Briefs for a quick summary of key concepts and helpful hints to implement right away. Read Guides for a deep dive into the topic and comprehensive information from expert visionaries and coaches. Roll up your sleeves and examine the state of your organization through our developing collection of Workbooks and Assessments.

Don't know where to start? We recommend the 9 Core Competencies Brief as a jumping-off point. Let's dive in.



Awareness of self and others makes realizing your vision so much easier. Ninety has a growing collection of assessments that help you see where you are now and where to go from there.



Your organization’s Vision should be the North Star for all your people. Ninety has everything you need to craft a compelling Vision that’s embraced by all.



Setting energizing Goals is essential for success. Learn how to craft 90-day, 1-year, 3-year, and 10-year goals that help drive your organization and keep it on course.



It’s difficult to build a great organization without building a great Culture first and foremost. Learn how to create and maintain a strong and cohesive culture.



People are your organization’s greatest asset. Learn how great organizations master the art and science of attracting and retaining Ideal Team Members.


Lead, Agree, Coach

Great leaders are also great coaches. Leaders have followers because they’re trusted. Learn valuable leadership and coaching skills here.



Great organizations are clear on who they are selling to and what they are selling. Learn how to build great long-term relationships with your Ideal Customers.



Great organizations are focused, aligned, and thriving. Meetings are essential for reaching this state. Learn how to master staying meaningfully connected.



Being able to track and act on Data is critical for every facet of your organization. Learn how to harness your Data to achieve more of what you want with less work.

 Scorecard - Brief

 Data - Brief

 Data - Guide - Coming Soon



Mastering the Process competency takes time but is essential if you want to scale without massive pain. Learn how to take your processes from good to great.

 Process - Brief

 Process - Guide - Coming Soon


Enterprise Value

How an organization creates value must be clearly understood and supported by its people, goals, and processes. A great organization is clear on how it creates value for itself and all its stakeholders.

 Enterprise Value - Brief - Coming Soon



We surround ourselves with people and organizations we Trust. Learn how to build high-trust relationships with all your stakeholders.



Every organization passes through the same Stages of Development. Learn how to find your organization's stage and chart a clear course for growth.

 On Stages - Guide - Coming Soon

 Stages of Development - Brief


Misc. Tools

Tools make building easier. Here are some other great company-building tools that can help you build an organization that will stand the test of time.


Misc. Disciplines

Study the greats and you’ll see the power of discipline. Here are some additional disciplines that will help your organization focus, align, and thrive.


Misc. Concepts

We love context-based learning. Here you’ll find an expanding collection of additional concepts that can help your organization turn its Vision into reality.