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Working From Home? Read the Best Practices for Remote Teams

Easy steps you and your company can take for effective WFH (work from home) culture. Download to read more.
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Download Remote Best Practices

Build and sustain a healthy workforce, remote!

The good news is, if you’re reading this, it's likely you’re running on EOS® and 90. EOS has great tools and disciplines for helping you build a healthy workplace and 90 has the cloud-based versions of the core EOS tools that help you and your colleagues stay connected no matter who you are in the company, where you are located, what’s going on, and / or what you are doing.

This guide is a work in progress - what isn’t? Consequently, we welcome feedback (we call it feedforward) and suggestions, and will likely update it periodically.

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In this short guide, we will:

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  • uncover the state of remote work now and where the world is heading 
  • understand the big picture in our social needs
  • communication best practices
  • tips for sharing space with family
  • discover personal boundaries and best practices
  • practical tools your company can explore

Section Breakdowns

Page 3 Remote Work: The New Normal
Page 8 Communication Best Practices
Page 10 Personal Best Practices
Page 11 Technology Best Practices
Page 12 Video Call Best Practices
Page 13 The EOS® Tools & How they Help