Updates: Meetings

  • Prep for your quarterly

    How to Prepare for Your Quarterly Meetings with Ninety

    This article digs into specific tips and actions an individual can take to prepare for a quarterly company meeting, using Ninety to support a productive and effective discussion.

  • Send Issue to Another Team & Maintain Visibility

    Users have always had the ability to reassign items like Rocks, Todos, and Issue to a new team at any time. However, if you ever wanted to get a report back on that issue, it may have been cumbersome. Sending an issue, instead of moving it, has made it ...

  • Customizing the Meeting Agenda

    Easily run One-on-one meetings or other types of meetings with the Custom Meeting Agenda options!   Add, Hide, and Edit Each Section Instead of just changing the time frames, now you have more options for customizing each section.