• Coworkers Checking the Business Operating System

    How to Build a Business Operating System for Your Company

    People often wonder whether their small business or startup really needs a business operating system. Short answer? All companies need one! We’ll show you how to build a business operating system that works and why it transforms organizations.

  • 7 Questions about Annual Planning Meetings: Answered

    Kris Snyder is the founder of the growth advisory firm Impact Architects and has helped entrepreneurs for more than 25 years. Here, he answers your questions about annual planning meetings.

  • Headlines in Ninety [How, When, and Why You Should Use Them]

    Headlines are the pieces of news that likely don't warrant a discussion but are a good "FYI" for the whole team. When using Ninety's online meeting software tool, the team shares Headlines during a specific spot on the agenda during Weekly Meetings.